Frequently asked Questions


Q: Where is Wild Nature’s Organic Aloe Vera grown?

A: Northern Queensland. Aloe Vera will grow anywhere, but it will never reach its full potential unless it is grown in desert conditions. It is a succulent and needs these conditions to grow its full active ingredients. This plant does not respond well to frost or excessive rain.

Q: I have a plant at home, why is Wild Nature’s Organic Aloe Vera better?

There are over 200 species of Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera Barbadensis has proven to have the full active ingredients necessary to heal more severe concerns and therefore the most beneficial of all species.
The Barbadensis contains the components for healing and is tested to ensure that all the minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants mono & poly saccharides are present.

Wild Nature’s plants are grown in the correct environment for succulents, organically.
They are mature age which means that they are over 7 years old before they are cut. These plants are developed & active.

Q: How is Wild Nature’s Aloe Vera processed?

Wild Nature cold presses the Aloe Vera leaves. Like a steamroller squeezing the gel out.
Once the gel is removed it is mulched and then filtered. This completes the process.

Wild Nature’s Pure Aloe Vera has no scent added, so those with sensitive skin, especially those with dermatitis on the body or scalp can use and experience the benefits of nature. For the whole family - for the delicate skin of a newly born baby to older dry & scaly skin.

Q: Does the natural scent linger?

A: Once absorbed no scent remains.
Because there is no oil in Aloe Vera there will be no greasy or oily resin remaining on the skins surface. This is particularly good for an oily skin type. The re-hydrating elements have penetrated the skin without clogging the pores or enhancing existing oil. This allows the skin to breath, fresh.

Q: This is liquid, I thought Aloe Vera was a gel?

Aloe Vera is in gel form when it is sliced from the plant . This gel is made up of thousands of cells which have a soluble base. After the gel has been cold pressed out of its skin the thousands of cells are mulched down. These cells break and ooze. The process is completed when the filaments are filtered out.

Some businesses will then add a gelling agent to the natural formula to put it back into the solid form. Many people are allergic to this agent so we have left the Aloe Vera in its natural state - no gelling agent, no fragrance, no colouring, Wild Nature in its Natural State.

Q: What is Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate?

A: These are stabilisers (preservatives) that are used in many natural treatments and food preparation. These stabilisers prevent bacteria from forming. Bacteria forms naturally when the plant is cut and exposed to oxygen. This process does not alter the healing properties naturally contained in Aloe Vera.

Q: How do I keep my Pure Aloe Vera?

Keep Pure Aloe Vera out of direct sunlight and at room temperature. Try it in the refrigerator for a cooling experience. Always apply a gentle mist. This is Pure Organic Aloe Vera without water, gelling agent, fragrance or colour added. The atomiser is the recommended application for your skin, (the less sensitive skin is touched by hand, the better).

The 1 litre size refill is the perfect refill for the atomiser or a gorgeous gift for a man, woman, child or elderly person. For babies Pure Aloe Vera is effective & gentle. Naturally organic. Because of the personal touch we give our customers, we are in the perfect position to find out how our customers use Aloe Vera, this adds to our understanding.

Q: Can you drink Wild Nature’s Pure Aloe Vera?


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